#RPGaDay2017 Which RPG have you played most in your life?

D&D 3e/3.5.

During my hardcore years in the aughts, I was in two D&D groups — one of which played a single campaign from 1st to 20th level over the course of maybe six years — that met bi-weekly, so I was essentially playing 3e/3.5 once a week for anywhere from 3-6 hours a stretch. On top of that, I was running 3e/3.5 at Chicago Gamedays as well.

While I have some fond memories of those groups and a lot of nostalgia for the d20 era, I have absolutely no interest in ever playing 3e/3.5 again. It took me years to really master the system. That mastery led to a preferred mode of play that, honestly, was hard for me to sustain.

Still, I learned a lot about myself and how I relate to the hobby in the process, so for that, ​I’m thankful.