14 thoughts on “No one probably cares but me, but my son called me up to his room to show this to me. Built it all on his own. He’s…

  1. Mark Delsing He’s not pretending – He’s a mechanic.

    Seriously, set aside a deliberate pile for him to ‘creatively disassemble’ (they may wind up as junk, so what) and set aside another group for ‘maintenance’ (cleaning, polishing, ‘adjusting’). litle squeeze bottles for play oil cans, etc.

    He’ll likely get to a point where the reassembly value of Legos will dawn on him as lacking in his junkers, and then he may want to explore making his own out of other stuff (wood, erector-set analogs). It’lkl be frustrating when he can’t rebuild his hot-wheels type stuff so it’ll be good to have an outlet into repairable stuff.

    I’m now a mechanic. I had to make some of those jumps myself later in life but it was all the same.