#RPGaDay2017 Which “dead game” would you like to see reborn?

DC Heroes

Mind you, I’ve neither played nor read the game; I don’t even own a copy, as they are prohibitively expensive. But I do know that a lot of people are very passionate about the game, and it was a seminal ’80s supers RPG. What I’ve heard about the mechanics also sounds really interesting.

I do know that the system was later acquired by a group of passionate fans and resurrected as Blood of Heroes in 1998, but as far as I’ve seen (and Wikipedia documents), the company they formed has long been out of business, and the owners are just sitting on the IP. Plus, every review I’ve read of Blood of… says it’s utterly awful (as if the boobs and ninjas on the cover weren’t warning enough).

So, really, if anyone knows the people who own the game, lobby them to release the rules under an OGL or CC license. That, or find me a lawyer that can advise some folks on how to “liberate” the rules without violating copyright.

I think this game deserves another chance.

28 thoughts on “#RPGaDay2017 Which “dead game” would you like to see reborn?

  1. It is a crunchy game if you like crunch. Second edition had one of the first narrative insert mechanics for players I ever saw. (TOON’s reality warp may predate it)

    The system is gameable, in the exploit way.
    AND tends towards Alpha Strikes

    And yet I love it 100x more than FASERIP or Champions

  2. It’s a great game. I converted, over a summer back in college, ALL of the existing Marvel Super Heroes RPG stat blocks for heroes and villains to this set of rules. Hundreds and hundreds of Word pages. I came up with the conversion rules myself. I agree that there are some flaws in it, but I think some of my favorite super hero game moments arose from playing the Doom Patrol with this game in my buddy’s loft game room back in the day.

  3. I have a copy of some edition of DC Heroes I’m never going to open again. Same with Blood of Heroes. And Underground. And Torg, which I’m told is partially descended from it.

    Maybe I should bring games back to life by cleaning out my basement.