#RPDaDay2017 Where do you go for RPG reviews?

Nowhere and everywhere, honestly. I do not seek out reviews on a regular basis — I am task-focused in this regard. If I am curious about an RPG, I’ll first see if any of my trusted peeps here on G+ have opinions; e.g., Paul Beakley’s Indie Game Reading Club collection post-mortems can make or break my interest in a game.

Beyond that, it’s off to Google DuckDuckGo and seeing what comes up. For the most part, I’m looking for aggregate data from people who have played the game.* What trends am I seeing in existing reviews? How does the game rank on RPGGeek?

I don’t listen much to podcasts anymore, so I’m very rarely slogging through APs. I need to be really curious about an RPG to invest that kind of effort.

*Ain’t nobody got time for capsule reviews.

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