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  1. As a gm, i just run games where chargen is quick and part of play, so pregens aren’t usually necessary.

    That said, i have one idea on the back burner that has specific characters, and in that case they have default genders that players are free to change.

  2. I’m fine any way. I’ve only actually ever used pictures with a con game of Night Witches, where we chose our own. Later that became unexpectedly poignant as we moved the faces of dead NPCs off the table to a cork board. >sniff<

  3. In the past, I would often choose well-known actors for modern-era PC images. The upside was that I could convey a lot about a PC’s intended personality by “casting” them correctly. The downside is that it would often telegraph a hackneyed portrayal on the player’s part. E.g., you use a pic of Keanu Reeves and the player says “Woah” all session.