#RPGaDay2017 What was your most impactful RPG session?

Back at GenCon 2004 (iirc), I played in an Arcana Unearthed event run by Mike Mearls. It was part of a tournament where, if you were voted MVP of your session, you could advance on to a session run by Monte Cook. Honestly, I was more interested in just playing AU, especially with Mearls, and did not sweat the MVP thing. (I actually voted for someone else, who totally earned it.)

But, to answer the question, it was possiby the best single gaming experience Ive ever had. Everyone at the table was heavily invested in the game, everyone was well-versed in the rules, and we all had each other’s backs — despite being total strangers. On top of this, Mearls is quite simply a great GM. He kept the game constantly moving forward and made sure that we all had input — constantly “passing the baton”. Double-bonus was that the scenario was tightly constructed and came to a satisfying, heroic conclusion.

At the end, when it came time to vote for MVP, we abandonded secret ballots. There was one player — who’d flown in from the Netherlands just to play AU at GenCon — who was just killing it the whole game, and we all unanimously crowned him MVP. We all wanted him to move on to the next round.

That session became my gold standard for good RPG play. It’s what I mean when I say “playing in good faith”: enthusiasm, fellowship, and, well, honor at the table. We were comrades-in-arms, fearless, and it was beautiful.

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  1. Jason Morningstar I”m not sure. It’s possible that the lure of playing with Mearls and the possibility of “winning” your way to a special game with Monte was an incentive for people to Get Their Shit Together And Take The Game Seriously, and eventually just evolved into something beyond that once we saw how good the play became.