38 thoughts on “Paul Beakley Yes? No?

  1. Yow!
    That’s the game that ultimately brought me to The Forge.
    I bought it, read it, and couldn’t figure what or how to do anything with it. At the time The Gaming Outpost was hosting some official publisher forums, including the one for Continuum. So I arrived looking for help with Continuum, and instead found Ron Edwards, Clinton Dreisbach, Jared Sorensen, Mike Holmes, and others talking about games in the general forums.

  2. Paul Beakley Yup. I was totally kidding.

    Also there today: Nexus the Infinite City ($50), Riddle of Steel ($45), the Cypher core book ($30), Rune ($12), and a bunch of WFRP 1e dungeon tile sets for $8 each (very tempting).