Okay, Spider-Man: Homecoming is maybe the best Marvel film yet and also probably the best Spidey film, period.

I also love that it’s playing in a space between the world-threatening disasters of the Avengers and the street crime of the Defenders.

Oh! And I also love that we’re at a point now in the MCU where other heroes can just drop in and we get the jokes, we know who they are, etc. That’s one of the most comic-book-like aspects of the MCU for me, and honestly I’ve never seen it’s like before in my life of watching movies.

16 thoughts on “Okay, Spider-Man: Homecoming is maybe the best Marvel film yet and also probably the best Spidey film, period.

  1. It was great that they just completely did away with an origin story. We know who he is. Feels like they are saying: There’s at least 2 origin story movies out there, go look ’em up if you need to…

    I felt it started out just okay, but got better and better after the first act

  2. +Eloy Centro ​that, but also: Spiderman is probably the best known superhero ever (along with superman and batman), or at least he is in Italy. I’m pretty sure my mom never watched the spiderman films, but she knows Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider 🙂

    I liked the movie, it’s funny and entertaining, and keaton was just SO GOOD (the scene in the car is probably my favourite of the whole MCU) . I’m still trying to figure out the ending though (spoiler space) :

    what happens in Peter’s head after the part on the ferry? How does he “learn the lesson”, how does he change? What’s the lesson to learn, actually, what is his character’s issue?
    And why does Tony invite him into the Avengers at the end? And why does Peter refuse?

    I heard different interpretations from different people, and it’s unusual for MCU movies, who are quite clear about the main character’s story arc

  3. I LOVED it. Went twice, and would love to go again if I can find the time. I fell in love with Spidey when issue #238 was on the spinner rack at Food Lion and I begged my mom to buy it for me. Had no idea what I was getting into but I was hooked. I fell out of the mainstream comics scene in 1991. This movie make me smile all the way through. It nailed the character and entered the MCU flawlessly.

  4. Patrick Marchiodi SPOILERS



    I read it this way. Peter is a kid. He’s got powers. He WANTS to be in the Big Boys’ Club. He’s like the 12 year old who doesn’t understand why he can’t drink beer too.

    Normally you’d have a mature adult figure helping guide him through this. But he’s got Tony Stark…. adult, but arguably a bit less than mature. Stark does a reasonable job of scolding Parker after he screws up by disobeying direct instructions. But one has to wonder why Stark would even consider letting this kid loose with a DANGEROUS high tech suit in the first place. Thus, Stark is not exactly Andy Griffith.

    So Peter’s struggle here is to understand that he’s a kid, despite being able to “stop a bus with his bare hands”. (aside: Why didn’t they have that in the movie? That would rock.)

    But ALSO… Peter’s struggle is to understand that while he’s still a kid… he’s also Spider-Man. Suit or no suit, he’s a superhero. And that’s what he comes to terms with when Vulture buries him.

    /two cents


  5. I also want to belatedly mention a great comment I read elsewhere: Finally, a movie high school that actually looks like a real high school. The kids look like kids, every single person isn’t white, there are — gasp — Asians. So awesome.

    Oh, and the scene between Spidey and Davis (Donald Glover) was priceless. “You need to get better at this part of the job.”