40 thoughts on “I just finished voting in the ENnies for the tiny handful of entrants I knew anything about, and thus was reminded…

  1. I don’t know. But when something is in a category that I don’t want to win, I vote for everyone but that piece. I can’t help but see how more votes for A and B but not C can’t help but hurt C.

  2. Those are rarely nominated for Ennies in my experience. I’m not sure there are any nominated games that I’m interested in this year (though I could be wrong). They feel increasingly trad-focused.

  3. I mean, nothing, i guess. I just feel a little sick to my stomach whenever i see or hear about anyone doing anything out of spite. Like hearing someone has cancer, only they did it to themselves.

    Obviously do what you want. shrug Just feels like a waste of time and energy to me, but it’s your time and your energy.