Within a week, the phony law enforcement operation obtained over 100 items with an estimated value of $1.2 million, including night-vision goggles, simulated M-16A rifles and simulated pipe bombs, according to a GAO report. This was done with virtually no questions asked or any on-site inspection of the faux law enforcement operation.

So, nobody is allowed medical care, but any asshole can get millions of military-grade weapons for free.


Afraid that the objections of House members who did not want taxpayers paying for sex reassignment surgery would derail the bill, House leaders came to Trump and told him that the appropriations bill, which in addition to the wall funding also provided money meant to implement other promises from the president, was in trouble.

They wound up getting a little more help than they bargained for. Rather than a limited restriction on specific medical procedures being performed with government dollars, what they got was a series of presidential tweets that, taken together, articulated a complete ban on transgender people serving in the military at all.


Okay, Spider-Man: Homecoming is maybe the best Marvel film yet and also probably the best Spidey film, period.

I also love that it’s playing in a space between the world-threatening disasters of the Avengers and the street crime of the Defenders.

Oh! And I also love that we’re at a point now in the MCU where other heroes can just drop in and we get the jokes, we know who they are, etc. That’s one of the most comic-book-like aspects of the MCU for me, and honestly I’ve never seen it’s like before in my life of watching movies.

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This looks pretty cool, but if it ends up being awful I won’t be surprised. BUT!

What I really like is that this is a big-budget-looking Hollywood-style movie, except it’s being released on Netflix instead of traditional theaters.

I love this. I want all movies released like this. I’m probably the exception, but I don’t really care about seeing movies at the cineplex anymore. The experience at home is far superior for me, so I am all for bypassing the “release in theaters, wait, release on Disc, wait, release on streaming services I may or may not subscribe to” cycle of today.

Seriously. When a film opens, let it open everywhere. I’ll decide the medium in which I want to consume it.