Supergirl season 2 It’s good! Definitely an improvement over season one, despite still having some weak spots. SPOILER SPACE . . . . . . Winn feels natural as a DEO squint; it feels like he should have been there the whole time. Alex’s coming out and resultant relationship with Maggie adds much-needed depth to her character, likewise the relationship between J’onn and M’gann. I was concerned that Mon-El was going to be another sexy lamp, but Chris Wood plays him with charm and good comic timing, and he has great chemistry with Melissa Benoist. Lena and Lilian Luthor are great additions to the show, too — I love Lena’s I-hope-this-doesn’t-break-bad friendship with Kara, and Lilian, though a little moustache-twirly at times, is so much more enjoyable than Maxwell Lord ever was. (What a relief it is to know he’ll never be a romantic interest of Alex’s ever again.) And, ho-lee shit, Rhea! I was a little worried that bringing Teri Hatcher on the show was just fan-service, but hot damn does she bring the goods. The whole Daxam invasion storyline was a hoot and made for a powerful season finale. Finally, some hard choices for Supergirl! Oh, and Snapper Carr! Great actor, great character. Oh, duh, and Superman! I love that he’s a supporting character, almost a sidekick for Kara. Such a better use for him than as too-good-to-appear-here demigod like he was in season one. But… I still don’t know why Ace Sexy Lamp Jimmy (sorry, James) Olsen is on this show. He went from boring love interest to boring superhero (seriously, Guardian?). His scenes patrolling with Winn were effectively dead air for me. I was hoping that when they killed James’ relationship with Kara at the start of the show, he could head back to Metropolis, but instead they promoted him and sent Cat Grant on vacation. And then did nothing with his new role as head of Cat’s media empire! “I just want to make a difference.” Dude, you control multiple radio, TV, web, and print outlets! You could throw a national election if you wanted to! The obsessive nerd in me also twitches a bit at various details presented in the show. Obviously, the series is focused more on the relationship drama and Kara’s journey through adulthood, but the super stuff gets a little too sloppy for me sometimes. I get over it, though. Overall, I think the show still suffers from the same “problem” as it did last season, which is that everything brightens by a thousand lumens whenever Benoist is on-screen. So when she’s not around the show can be a bit of a slog for me. Which means that when the non-Kara bits are strong (J’onn, Alex, Lena, Supes), I’m content, but when they’re not (James, the lesser villains, the Jeremiah storyline TBH), I’m impatient. I’m looking forward to next season, as well as finally catching up on The Flash so I can see all of the crossover episodes. Honestly, I would pay good money for a combined “Supergirl/Flash Power Hour” series. Benoist and Gustin are magic when they share the same screen.]]>

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  1. way sloppy, except for Supergirl, which was a comparative island of stability. I’m really desperately hoping Chris Wood / Mon-El ends up on the Waverider next year, because I do not want to let him go. My opinion on Supergirl is inevitably biased by the fact that it’s my kid’s first “grown-up” show, and she LURVES it so much it’s adorable. Benoist has made her a Supergirl fan for life.]]>