I gave Readdle’s Spark iOS email client a spin yesterday. Today I deleted it.

It could simply be that I have been an Apple Mail loyalist for so long that I just can’t manage to re-train myself. That, and I found Spark’s intelligent email classification less than intelligent — I was spending too much time teaching the app which emails were what. Plus, all of the gestures that I’m used to were triggering different actions, so it was taking me twice as long to accomplish common tasks.

That, and, well, I have generally been pretty happy with Apple’s core apps (Mail, Safari), and their integration with the OS is key for me. The only core app that I’ve replaced is iCal. I use Fantastical, but honestly that’s more due to monetary investment; it’s a little cooler than iCal, but not so much so that I’d recommend everyone put down money for it.

Anyway, none of this isn’t to say that Spark isn’t interesting. And given it’s free on all platforms, it’s worth trying if you’re not totally satisfied with Mail.