“You don’t remake good movies; you remake bad movies.”
—Gene Siskel, or at least I remember him saying something like that.

In getting ready for tomorrow’s Chicago Gameday, I started thinking about some of the events I’d run in the past that were complete disasters.

As is my habit, I often come up with great concepts for events but fail to tie them to a meaningful situation. E.g., the Buffy/Hellboy monster-fighting team-up, the time I started out Harry Potter characters for 3e, etc.

Perhaps they’re worth re-visiting. Being “pre-disastered”, maybe I could re-work them into viable events.

So… any failed scenarios you’d want to revisit?

16 thoughts on ““You don’t remake good movies; you remake bad movies.”

  1. < ![CDATA[Your HP d20 game was amazing
    Edit: I mean, I’d probably play the hell out of it again as-is, but maybe it could be improved with a different system than 3.5/Pathfinder?]]>