42 thoughts on “Science Has Begun Taking Gluten Seriously http://trib.al/LzqqSVX

  1. My little brother’s ex is a total psycho,and one of her psychoses is gluten. They have a kid together and she’s hardcore anti gluten when she has their kid. We have no idea what to do about our because the science is interesting but so new that you can’t really call it child endangerment like you maybe could with antivax loons.

  2. The gluten thing reminds me a lot — though not 100% — of the current paleo fad.

    It’s also funny how many people who complain about fake news and climate change deniers will unironically recommend anti-gluten and paleo diets to me.

  3. Different people have different nutritional requirements. And you just don’t get that much nutrition from highly processed carbs like bread and pasta, which is why paleo eliminates them. But paleo tends to go a little too far when it comes to beans.

    Food is hard.

    And yes, don’t tell me that the earth is flat yet tell me about your raw vegan diet (cough David Avocado Wolfe cough).

  4. Carbs have an impact on insulin sensitivity. Doesn’t matter where they come from.

    Yeah, I have a couple of friends who are on the “gluten makes me feel gross” bandwagon.

    No, when you’re avoiding gluten, it’s the only time you actually pay attention to what you’re eating and don’t eat like a catfish or a goat. My vote is if you ate AS carefully while including gluten, you’d feel just as good.

  5. Craig Hatler I just don’t know that “it’s not nutritionally dense” is true. Sure, if you’re talking shitty American white bread, but bread has been a staple of the human diet for millennia. Bread can be plenty nutritious.

  6. Mostly, I look at lot of the advice I am told and read, and I realize that I could change “food” to “climate” and it’d be the kind of input I would instantly dismiss. “Oh, you can’t believe [international body of experts] because they’ve been co-opted by the Lobby X.”

    If I can’t find credible research to back something up, then I’m hyper-skeptical.

  7. I understand that, but I also think dismissing recommendations from WHO or the American Heart Association because “Paleo Baking Mom” wrote something on their blog is pretty ridiculous.

  8. I feel obliged to highlight the “without celiac disease” part, since it’s a legit concern. Whatever failings the gluten-free fad has, it certainly raises awareness and makes it easier for my wife and son to find food they can eat.