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  1. Mark Delsing That’s the problem I keep having with it. Switch to desktop and some actions will switch back to mobile or they will switch to mobile and log you out at the same time. It’s frustrating.

  2. Here was my scenario today.

    1. On desktop: See link to RPGNow product page on G+, click on link, link opens in desktop browser.

    2. At work, so use AirDrop to open link on phone so I can use my password manager and add product to Wish List.

    3. Link opens in mobile browser, redirects to main RPGNow page.

    4. Roll eyes, go to search to find the product.

    5. Get to product page, see no option to add to Wish List, figure it might require logging in.

    6. Log in to RPGNow.

    7. Get redirected to RPGNow home page.

    8. Perform search again.

    9. Still no option to add to Wish List, click for desktop site.

    10. Get redirected to desktop RPGNow home page.

    11. Perform search again.

    12. Search lands on mobile version of product page.

    13. Give up and go back to desktop, use web interface for password manager, log in, add to Wish List.

    14. Complain on G+.