There’s a great episode of Dead Games Society where Chad Parish talked to Jeff Dee about Villains and Vigilantes!

V&V is one of those games I know and love from long ago but didn’t really get to play. My good friend had (still has) the rulebook in high school and our group got together several times to make characters. We ended up playing maybe 2 or 3 sessions before losing focus.

The rules always felt labyrinthine to me, but I wasn’t the GM so I didn’t worry about it. I think my character was a former military guy who got nearly killed and was rebuilt as a cyborg, Steve Austin style. But he had a huge grudge against the military and the government and was kind of a jerk about it. I think he had totally robotic legs and a beefy cyborg arm. Maybe some kind of eye gadget.

I fully admit that 99% of my love for this game is a mix of admiration for Dee’s art, the wonderful comic book feel of the book, and pure nostalgia. I haven’t explored Mighty Protectors yet.

(The character names on the cover below were inspired by the conversation on Dead Games where Jeff Dee mentions how many times people asked for the names of the characters appearing in the book’s art. Hah.)