The Walking Dead #167 is one of the most powerful issues I’ve read in the series in, well, a really long time.

It’s a nice respite from what has felt like Kirkman kind of rehashing a lot of the same ideas that have driven the series for years now. It hasn’t been bad, IMO, but after a while constantly reading about Rick holding together a community against insurmountable odds gets kid of rote.

But this issue: good stuff.

I honestly found it inspiring, a balm against a lot of the bullshit we’re dealing with in the US these days. I almost feel like Kirkman was specifically speaking to us, not just to his characters.

Aside 1: I’m not posting a link to anything because spoilers.

Aside 2: If you’ve only seen the AMC TV show, do yourself a favor and check out the comic. IMO, the show is garbage.