There’s very little point in dragging David Lynch for making something that he has long been unhappy with, and even less point in arguing for its hidden genius. Dune is an awful film, and what few merits it has are eclipsed by its bloated excesses in every aspect of story, performance, and effects.

But the fact remains that this film is a perfect example of what happens to an excellent science fiction premise in the hands of someone who has no particular love for the genre.

Emily Asher-Perrin has been doing a whole series of articles on Frank Herbert’s Dune, and they are great reads.

I’ve always enjoyed Lynch’s Dune, despite it’s many flaws. But, yeah, it’s awful.

Side Confession: I have never been a fan of David Lynch. Dune is the only thing he’s ever made that I’ve enjoyed.

David Lynch’s Dune is What You Get When You Build a Science Fictional World With No Interest in Science Fiction

24 thoughts on “There’s very little point in dragging David Lynch for making something that he has long been unhappy with, and even…

  1. So wrong. So not awful. So the very opposite of awful.

    Just watched it again recently (twice) so it’s not nostalgia talking. It is magnificent.

    And in a double feature with FLASH AhhAhhh Gordon…best movie night ever.

  2. I have mixed feelings on the film. As a stand alone film, if fails as people I’ve spoken to who had not read the books, think its a mess where much of it doesn’t make sense. I have to agree with that. People who have read the books, say it fails to capture much of the feel and pace of the books. And I have to say it’s truely nothing like the books.

    But as a sci fi fan, I like what it attempted, and with the knowledge of the books, I can really appreciate it for what it is, a silly-fun film.

    I love the look and feel of the thing, yet I detest some elements such as the Navigators. I have no idea where that came from.

  3. I used to own the extended cut. It wasn’t put together by Lynch, they got some hack to do it. It’s amazing how much they filmed, and how much closer to the book it is, but it completely lacks the soul that makes Lynch’s interesting.

    I love the film, but admit that it has it’s flaws.

  4. I kinda like it. Not his best work, but it’s a great example of what you get when you let David Lynch make SF.

    That said, I’m not the biggest fan of the book. (The Dutch translation wasn’t great, but the world building is interesting and maybe I should reread it in English.)