The creator of Wikipedia is creating a news site that combines professional journalists, editors, and fact-checkers with volunteers. I threw them $10, and think it’s a worthy endeavor.

I’m so sad that I live in an era where “Hey, we actually use facts!” is a big selling point for news.


For the heck of it, I started Googling DuckDuckGo-ing for info on raising kids with socialist values, and sweet jeebus but either I get info on teaching kids about social media or else I get wackjob right-wing blogs that talk about how public schools are all Marxist incubators or give straw man BS like ‘Have them start a lemonade stand and then take away all their money and shove them to the ground.”

There is no position of comparable complexity – or even approaching such complexity as the office of President – anywhere else in America that we would trust to someone so utterly lacking in qualifications as is Donald Trump.

And nothing demonstrates the sheer staggering incompetence of this bumbling oaf than threatening North Korea with a fleet that didn’t even know it was involved.

The Founding Fathers weren’t amateurs.

Seriously, fuck Ajit Pai.

The agency’s sole Democratic commissioner, Mignon Clyburn, stressed on Thursday that Pai’s plan would “open the door to immediate price hikes for small business broadband service in rural areas and hundreds of communities across the country.”

Pai, who joined with the FCC’s other Republican on a 2-1 vote approving the order, rejected that criticism.

I’d love to see Republicans actually dissent at some point.