Great video from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

tl;dw — Citizens United opened the door for unlimited petrochemical lobbying, who don’t want to lose the $700B they get in government subsidies, and no one can change this except Mitch McConnell, who of course is in office because of big oil, so we’re all fucked.

2 thoughts on “Great video from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

  1. This may be pedantic, but Citizens United wasn’t about lobbying, it’s about independent expenditures in political campaigns. So if there’s a group that wants to make a movie that shows Mitch McConnell as an evil jerk who shouldn’t be elected to the senate they can’t have a law enforced on them that says “you can only spend $X making your movie.” This also means that companies can pay for commercials like “Vote for Mitch McConnell” or “Vote against Mitch McConnell” (or Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump, etc.) if they want to.