For the heck of it, I started Googling DuckDuckGo-ing for info on raising kids with socialist values, and sweet jeebus but either I get info on teaching kids about social media or else I get wackjob right-wing blogs that talk about how public schools are all Marxist incubators or give straw man BS like ‘Have them start a lemonade stand and then take away all their money and shove them to the ground.”

28 thoughts on “For the heck of it, I started Googling DuckDuckGo-ing for info on raising kids with socialist values, and sweet…

  1. Greg C with all due respect, that’s not entirely truthful.

    No demonization is required from the left (or anywhere else) for such people to resist strenuously, for in the absence of harsh opposition they are quite willing to claim persecution on the flimsiest of pretexts. They’ve got a long history of it, in fact. And when you are primed to treat even the mildest of fact-based disagreement as foamy-mouthed full-frontal blasphemous denunciation…

    Against that sort of woodenheadedness, even the mildest of saints is likely to start uttering foul language.

  2. Mark Delsing I’m not sure how what he said applies either, but I am easily prone to SIWOTI syndrome (though normally more careful about leaping in where wise people run the bleep away). I will remove my comment if you wish it, with all due apologies for the derail.

  3. The person who made that coffee mug is utterly immune to criticism calling them a nutjob (or crazy, or stupid, etc). They see your socialist values as anathema.

    Maybe you should spend some time trying to understand where they come from.

    That was my point.

    I have lived in the South my entire life as an atheist. I am very familiar with the ideas of these people. But they are not monsters. As long as you think of them as monsters, they will vote hard against you.

    Democratic politics is about finding common ground.

  4. The app is not letting me reply to Greg, but if he can see this:

    You’re making a few assumptions about who I am, how socialism relates to Democrats, and, I think, commenting on the picture without reading my post.

    If you have something to say about socialism and parenting, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, you’re having a conversation that belongs somewhere else.

  5. I’m sorry if I’m adding to a conversation that belongs elsewhere (although to Greg’s point you did use the term “wackjob” to describe certain right wing blogs and to someone who doesn’t know you personally I could understand the impression they might get).

    Ultimately I disagree with Greg. The right wing has brought us such gems as allowing gay marriage will lead to people marrying animals and children. That allowing a person to use the bathroom of the gender they identify will lead to your daughters being raped. That wanting a world with more social equality makes one a dirty red communist who should leave America. These people are deplorable monsters. Sure they might be pillars of their community, but not all monsters are agressive and violent. You could pander to these people for votes, but not exposing their dispicable behavior just allows them to lurk in the shadows creating another generation of monsters.

    Yes, not all conservatives are monsters and I’m not calling anyone in particular out. But if you act like a monster I have no qualms calling you one.

  6. Mark Delsing Okay. And on the intended topic…For my/our part, we try to raise our Cub to value the people who help make her life easier and to be nice to them. Don’t know how much socialism cred that earns us, but since Honorable Baba and Venerable Mama both work for non-profits, something is bound to run off. (Grin)

  7. I said right-wing whackjob because I meant right-wing wackjob. The blogs I was referring to were extremist cliches. That doesn’t mean I’m saying all right-wing folk are wackjobs.

    I also totally understand where Greg C is coming from, but when I say that conversation belongs elsewhere, I am being literal. I’m not debating Reps vs Dems; I’m asking for parenting resources. That’s why this is in my Parenting collection and not my Politics one. Thought there certainly overlap in this case.