Hey folks, don’t forget that PLAYER SIGN-UP for Chicago Gameday 46 opens tonight at 7:00 p.m.

To sign up for games, you need to:

1. Have an account on Warhorn.net, and;

2. Be registered for Chicago Gameday 46.

You can register RIGHT NOW for Gameday 46, you just can’t sign up for games yet. So, get registration out of the way so sign-up can be done with ease tonight!


16 thoughts on “Hey folks, don’t forget that PLAYER SIGN-UP for Chicago Gameday 46 opens tonight at 7:00 p.m.

  1. I re-sent, but just in case:

    18+, 3-5 players (besides me).

    Your people were semi-nomadic, living an ever-shifting network of clan alliances and enmities. Although one people, the clans were diverse in tradition, outlook, and custom. And then the Shadow came. Four months ago it attacked without warning, overwhelming the border clans with superior numbers and the unnatural strength of the Shadow-held. Your men were too susceptible to the call of the Shadow; during those early desperate battles, most turned against the clans, swelling the ranks of the Shadow’s army. The chaos that resulted almost shattered the clans beyond repair. News of the Shadow created new feuds and fanned the flame of old hatreds.

    But ultimately, it was the Shadow itself that caused your divisions to be set aside in the name of survival. So it was that the clans were dissolved. The people fell back, establishing a new border and a combined army – The Watch. Not wanting a repeat of past tragedies, The Watch does not allow men to join its ranks, keeping those who remain untouched by the Shadow off the front lines and out of the Shadow’s direct reach. You are a soldier of The Watch, tasked with defending the new border and reclaiming the land taken by the Shadow. In a short time, you have lost so much that it sometimes leaves you breathless – clan, custom, land, and loved ones. You stand together with your new comrades-in-arms in defense of the people, but though the clans were dissolved the old fault lines are always there, cracks into which the Shadow seeps, hoping to shatter the strength of the people once more.