I just want to reiterate this stuff, because I legit get the feeling there are a lot of younger women for whom it hasn’t really sunk in what it is today’s GOP is actively trying to return to.

This list is great, but further down this part is amazing:

I was a child in the 1960s, a teenager in the 1970s, a young adult in the 1980s. This is what it was like:

When I was growing up, it was considered unfortunate if a girl was good at sports. Girls were not allowed in Little League. Girls’ teams didn’t exist in high school, except at all-girls’ high schools. Boys played sports, and girls were the cheerleaders.

…and it continues.

This is why I find it nuts when prominent conservative women, e.g., Megyn Kelly, say they are not feminists. Were it not for feminism, Kelly wouldn’t be on TV, moderating presidential debates, etc. Insane.


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  1. As a white male, I don’t have the right to stick my nose in on this much. Except to tell other guys to stop obstructing.
    The Future is progressive. If we are going to survive and thrive, we have to move forward. Everytime conservatives try to push back, it just puts the breaks on, distracts us, and hurts people.

  2. I was recently surprised that my wife, who is a very successful manager and Lean expert working for the government, and makes more money than I do, doesn’t consider herself a feminist.

    Admittedly Netherland is and has been a bit ahead of the US in this, but not all that much. We still haven’t had a female PM yet. (And the very conservative Tories of the UK have had two!)

  3. Mark Delsing Excellent question. I didn’t press the issue, but my impression is that it’s just not much of an issue for her, despite the fact that she of course greatly benefits from the accomplishments of feminism. The feminist society where men and women have the same rights and responsibilities is the society she already lives in. Or maybe the word feminism has been poisoned to her, as it has for so many people.

    I’ll ask, but not any time soon, because she has way too much other stuff on her plate right now. I can afford to concern myself with politics; she’s more concerned with work and direct real life issues.