Favorite iOS dice apps?

Yesterday, I launched some of the dice apps on my phone for the first time in literally years and saw that at least one old fave (Diceonomicon) is out-of-date and probably won’t work much longer.

I took a quite look at the app store for newer dice apps and I wasn’t finding anything that looked particularly good.

So… recommendations? Also: any apps that eschew skeuomorphism and just generate random numbers in a visually-pleasing way?

20 thoughts on “Favorite iOS dice apps?

  1. The Star Wars one from Fantasy Flight is the only one I use. But I play XWing, Imperial Assault and Edge of the Empire so it was worth it to me. It does normal dice too but probably not worth buying if you don’t play the games.

  2. I bought an iPhone in the first place for MachDice and haven’t used it much since. It’s very skeuomorphic, but I enjoyed it when I used it. Ultimately, though, I found I preferred real dice.

  3. Just booted the Star Wars app and confimed it does standard dice, it lets you save custoized sets of dice. No fate dice or anything like that though and no special math (like you can’t put in D6-D6).

    It does have Star Wars Rebellion dice though, which wasn’t there when I looked before. There’s also Armada which I missed when I first replied.

  4. Dicenomicon has been my go-to, but I’m holding out hope for a 64 bit update so it continues to work. Commenting so I can see some alternatives

    Edit: Mach Dice still seems to work without an error message, so that’s not a bad option.

    I also forgot that 5e fight club (or its companion Game Master 5) can roll dice, though they are more aimed at being reference apps / character sheet holders / campaign management for 5e than pure dice rollers. The developer does have 4e and Pathfinder versions of his apps though.

    Edit edit: apparently he makes a standalone version of the dice roller part of his other apps! d20 Calculator by Lion’s Den