10 thoughts on “Verizon is going to load spyware onto Verizon phones…

  1. Mark Delsing, following the link, it looks like more investigation is warranted, but I don’t have a lot of hope. They’ve temporarily retracted the article.

    J Stein, the problem with VPN is spotty, slow connectivity. The VPN industry needs to step up if they want people to use their services. On top of that, a VPN only gets you so far. It’s no substitute for civil or privacy rights.

  2. Tim Koppang I don’t want to start publicly shilling, but I’ve had great speed and connectivity with my (cheap) vpn, both in terms of bandwidth and ping. Uptime seems good so far, too. If you’re curious, send me a private message, I’m happy to share.

    Though yes, civil liberties are preferable to privatizing privacy.