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  1. “The fact that they have the best indicators of cardiovascular health ever reported is the exact opposite to many recent suggestions that carbohydrates are unhealthy.”

    I think there might be a difference between the normal carbs we eat (sugar water) and they do (whole tubers).

  2. Christopher Weeks I actually don’t think the research supports that exactly. Like when in vivo studies are done on sugar intake, they literally use sugar water.

    I think the difference is more about what is MISSING – fiber, nutrients, etc – when comparing Wonder Bread and tubers.

  3. Christopher Weeks I’m trying to say there’s no difference in the quality of the carbohydrate, but is in the foods that contain the carbohydrates. Perhaps I’m reading too much into you statement that there’s a “difference between the normal carbs we eat and they do” – are you using “carbs” to mean the foods themselves, and not the macronutrients?