8 thoughts on “How Buffy the Vampire Slayer Redefined TV Storytelling http://trib.al/hhaDF5w

  1. You’ll have to forgive me back, because while I’m eager to watch B5 again, I tried to watch Buffy and can’t stand it.

    Character writing and acting? Londo and G’Kar’s characters and performances are worth the whole show.

  2. Haha, yeah, the first season of B5 is kind of a mess (though there is plenty of nuggets that are important in the long run).

    I don’t think I’ve seen S01 episodes of Buffy, but hey, there’s plenty of different tastes: I have friends that rave for shows I can’t watch (like, say, that trainwreck that is Hannibal).

    But I recognize Buffy’s importance in the history of TV shows ^___^

  3. I have seen the first season of B5 and the entire BtVS run. Buffy was MILES above B5, even in the first season, both in storytelling and acting. 🙂
    (B5 characters are loud and over the top, screaming what they are thinking to the screen, repeating their usual phrases every episode. To see some depth in some of them I had to wait the end of the season. Michelle Gellar and Hannigan were fantastic from the start)

    Talking about the union of self-contained episodes for the casual viewer and a long story arc for the fan, in B5 the long arc moves at a glacial pace (in the first season the BB is not even really introduced), probably it becomes more important later but in the first season is not even an arc, it’s foreshadowing (Buffy totally defeated her first Big Bad in 13 episodes, died, and resolved a couple of romantic side-stories). But for the casual viewer, each episode of B5 is almost incomprehensible. The reason I did not watch the other seasons was that I did not do it fast enough, too much time passed and when I did try to watch season 2, I realized I had to watch again season 1 because I did not remember enough details. (Buffy is facilitated by having a sort of “real world” setting, not a fully SF one, but we are comparing the end results), so I don’t think that B5 actually did what Buffy did (you could maybe say that it was one show that TRIED to do it, I am not sure)