20 thoughts on “So, what favorite service(s) are people using these days to have their PDFs printed and bound for their own use?…

  1. I go to the local fed-ex kinkos and get them to print it and spiral bound. Kind of expensive but its like delivery in 15min. The biggest I’ve done this with though was probably BitD pdf which is like 100ish pages? I think it cost me like 25 bucks. A little cost, but i did it like 2 hours before my session, and having something in my hands is worth it to me.

  2. Larry Lade My friend Rob used to work at a print shop, and one time he voluntarily brought me full-size, color battle maps for my Gameday event. I was happy when he found a new career, but boy did I miss that perk.

  3. I have used kinkos to print and spiral bind several pdfs. As Aaron notes, not cheap, but about the same as buying the physical book in the first place, plus spiral binding is superior for at the table reference.