Mark’s Unified Theory of Music Mark Likes

So, the way I see it, music has three main components:

• Harmony
• Rhythm
• Melody

It’s entirely possible for a piece of music to largely or completely lack any one of these components. E.g., soundtrack and ambient music is often devoid of melody, as their goal is typically to establish a general mood, not express a specific theme.

I find that the music I return to again and again is usually rich in all three areas. I.e., doing things I find interesting across all three categories.

And — opinion time — I feel like mainstream music, maybe more now than ever, is generally mostly or totally lacking in the Harmony component, and thus gets tedious for me pretty quickly.

This gets at a comment I made elsewhere about the lack of midrange in the Billboard Hot 100 songs I was perusing recently. What harmony exists is usually outlined by nothing but bass, and is pretty repetitive on top of that. For me, that means most of the “ear candy” I enjoy is nonexistent, and so I lose interest.

Anyway, just getting this out of my head.