“Prepare for malice; hope for incompetence.”

Zinger addresses some of the rebuttals to his “Trial Balloon For A Coup” article, namely the idea that we shouldn’t assume Trump is a criminal mastermind.

You don’t need to be brilliant to be a danger to democracy; quite literally, an idiot could do it.

He also points out that it’s entirely possible for Trump to be both malicious and incompetent.

The opening quote is a tweet from @nomikkh, and is seemingly good advice moving forward, basically restating the old adage: “Hope for the best and prepare for there worst.”

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6 thoughts on ““Prepare for malice; hope for incompetence.”

  1. At this point, having heard Trump try to form a full sentence on his own, I don’t know who would still believe he’s the one making the policies that come out of the WH (as opposed to Bannon).

    Sure, he’s a whiny spoiled child king, so he’ll also do some damage on his own out of incompetence and ignorance, but the deep, regime changing stuff does not come from Trump. I doubt he has any idea of anything in the political process works. Nor he cares.