Remember, before you played WoD, when you played an RPG, you went on an adventure, you killed a dragon, you hit repeat, you were a nerd for doing it.

WoD changed all that. When you played WoD, you had to know the difference between normal and aggravated damage, spend an hour on a fight, and get railroaded in the name of story.

Oh, wait, sorry, not that, the good bits.

Visibly angry, Mike #2 covered the microphone of the conference phone, he reached over to hold my hand tightly and told me to stop being a whiny little bitch. Two of the men in the room looked at each other and laughed while the rest of the men, like me, were shocked.


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Trump’s America means monitoring of domestic travel. This is a fucking nightmare. This is exactly the kind of thing this stupid fucking immigration crackdown was obviously going to lead to.

The spokesman again could not clarify CBP’s legal authority, warning only, “It is always best to cooperate with law enforcement, so as to expedite your exiting the airport in a timely manner.”

“Obey and all will be well, citizen.”

I really hate this stupid fucking country.

I don’t believe that Yiannopoulos endorses pedophilia. I do believe that he exploits vulnerable young men. Not in a sexual way. Not in an illegal way. Yiannopoulos exploits vulnerable young men in the same way that every wing-nut right-wing shock-jock from the president down has been exploiting them for years: by whipping up the fear and frustration of angry young men and boys who would rather burn down the world than learn to live in it like adults, by directing that affectless rage in service to their own fame and power. This is the sort of exploitation the entire conservative sphere is entirely comfortable with. What happens to these kids now that the game has changed?

This is fantastic read. Set aside some time today and grab some coffee or tea to nurse as you go.

Mark’s Unified Theory of Music Mark Likes

So, the way I see it, music has three main components:

• Harmony
• Rhythm
• Melody

It’s entirely possible for a piece of music to largely or completely lack any one of these components. E.g., soundtrack and ambient music is often devoid of melody, as their goal is typically to establish a general mood, not express a specific theme.

I find that the music I return to again and again is usually rich in all three areas. I.e., doing things I find interesting across all three categories.

And — opinion time — I feel like mainstream music, maybe more now than ever, is generally mostly or totally lacking in the Harmony component, and thus gets tedious for me pretty quickly.

This gets at a comment I made elsewhere about the lack of midrange in the Billboard Hot 100 songs I was perusing recently. What harmony exists is usually outlined by nothing but bass, and is pretty repetitive on top of that. For me, that means most of the “ear candy” I enjoy is nonexistent, and so I lose interest.

Anyway, just getting this out of my head.

Indoctrination always starts with the young. I fully expect DeVos to help him rid schools of climate change curricula next.

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