14 thoughts on “How to Build an Autocracy http://trib.al/hRpP1P6

  1. That’s how I feel about everything lately. Even at the Battery Park protest, surrounded by people who agreed with me, I didn’t feel the hope and joy everyone else did. I just felt hollow and certain it was going to get so, so much worse.

  2. And to unpack that a little: it doesn’t really matter what the “truth” of the Trump administration is, people need to stay engaged and motivated and taking action (going to protests, pressuring representatives, donating money to organizations) against it. Articles that cast everything as part of some kind of evil mastermind 12th-dimensional chess game undermine engagement IMO.

  3. Nathan Paoletta I hear you, but I’m going to say the same thing I said elsewhere: people have been constantly saying that Trump is incompetent, and they have been consistently wrong.

    This article concludes by saying that the best strategy is to believe what Trump is saying, i.e., when he says he’s going to do X, take him at his word and be prepared for X to happen.

    I don’t think it’s about him being an evil mastermind. I think it’s about being aware just what is happening: the start of a kleptocracy.