In 2014, in a lengthy video-conference presentation to the Human Dignity Institute at the Vatican, Bannon laid out his vision on the need for a “Church Militant” to fight an ongoing war between the Judeo-Christian west and Islam. It is not a struggle for land or influence, in Bannon’s view, but a truly existential fight between Islam and the West.

We need to get Trump and his co-conspirators out of the White House, stat.

When the dust settles, we have 100% of the Executive Order we originally wanted, we’ve tested the loyalty of a department we’ll need later on, we’ve proven we can ignore an entire branch of government, and we’ve slipped in some subtle moves that will make the next test even easier.

I’m stunned that I’m living to witness America’s first coup.

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The EconoFact Network, as the group calls themselves, is the brainchild of economist Michael W. Klein, who holds the William L. Clayton professorship of International Economic Affairs at Tufts University. He said that the project, which officially launched last weekend, grew out of his frustration with the content of the public debate during and after the presidential election in which, he said, “so little seems to be based on real facts and serious policy analysis.”

I’ve been reading some posts in Econofact and am enjoying it. It’s amazing that we need to hunt for dispassionate, factual analysis like this.