This is an old tumblr post from Mike Doughty, former frontman for Soul Coughing, but I was reminded of it by a friend when we were talking about a show I went to this weekend.

A show where I was standing on a concrete floor for four hours, dodging a mosh pit, had Inevitable Drunk Person™ spill her drink all over me one song into the headliner’s set, where I spent more time listening to the opening bands than I did the band I came to see, and where white dudebros were constantly planting themselves two inches from face to take over my halfway decent view of the stage.

If shows were at 7:30 pm sharp, adults might go.

If everybody got chairs, adults might go.

If drunk talkers got shut up, and the story wasn’t “I went to see _____, but some asshole was jabbering away, ruined the music, why go back?”, adults might go._

The talking people in the bar are 5 out of 50. Bars, there’s more money in the 50 than the 5. Do you want those 50 to come back to your bar?

Seriously, who out there is trying to crack this nut? Nobody wants this money?

I realized that most of the live music industry is predicated on a lifestyle in which I am simply unable to participate any more.