BACKED. This game flew under my radar a few weeks or more ago, but then Brie Sheldon posted a link and the freaking gorgeous art and layout got me reading. I’ve since read more, watched Amit Moshe’s videos describing the game, and downloaded the free starter set…

…and I am totally freaking hooked. I’m not sure when I’ve been this psyched about a KS project. Maybe RuneQuest Classic.

The setup of the game is described as Fables meets Netflix’s Marvel shows, though I would also maybe throw in Buffy/Angel as well, if they were done as “street” and noir as the aforementioned Netflix. So, yeah, it’s urban fantasy superheroes, which is totally my jam.

The system is PbtA-derived, but instead of roll+stat it’s called “Roll+Tags”, where PCs have descriptive tags, and the more that apply to a given move, the more you add to your 2d6 roll. It’s PbtA-meets-Lady-Blackbird, with maybe some Fate thrown in there, too.

There’s also this whole Mythos/Logos thing, which is basically your PC being torn between their legendary, super heroic self and their mundane, human self, and yes it’s all supported mechanically.

Now, sure, I’ll grant that this game is so damn pretty that I probably can’t see straight, but all I can say is that right now I want to set all my other games on fire so that I can just focus on playing this.

18 thoughts on “BACKED. This game flew under my radar a few weeks or more ago, but then Brie Sheldon posted a link and the freaking…

  1. To dial back the enthusiasm for a bit, I would be curious to see what Paul Beakley, Brand Robins, Rachel E.S. Walton and other PbtA vets think about this game. Namely, is it really a “conversation”, or is it just built on the PbtA chassis?

  2. Gosh Mark Delsing thanks! That’s probably one of the best tips-of-the-hat a creator could get! Thrilled that you liked it.

    Also interested in hearing what your summoned buddies have to say… although I have my own answer to that 🙂

  3. Paul Beakley I’m thinking back to some posts I believe you made about PbtA games — probably in IGRC — where you were talking about PbtA games that truly foster play-as-conversation versus games that are simply built on 2d6 plus moves, but are not really a conversation. Does that make sense?

    I think in your posts you called the latter “trope-heavy genre celebrations”, and so not “Really Good” PbtA games.