28 thoughts on “Us American dudes really need to get our shit together.

  1. Mark Delsing Voter behavior isn’t some uniform factor predicated on race or gender; race and gender are influences on, not ironclad predictors of, voter behavior.

    Change the composition of the electorate and different issues come to the fore. If fewer subpar reactionary men felt threatened by women voting, Trumpian misogyny would be even less popular, not somehow more so.

  2. Mark Delsing Dude, this is already a theoretical alt-election, it’s just a stupid one. Like asking what would happen if you teleported Orange County to the surface of Mars.

    Far smarter to just look over a demographic breakdown of the electorate by race and gender.

  3. Mark Delsing It’s stupid in the sense that it tells a misleading story. The composition of an electorate determines the issues.

    Why not just take a look at the breakdown of voting behavior? I guess it’s nice to have a state-by-state breakdown, but it doesn’t tell you much about people, just about slices of an existing election.

  4. Mark Delsing It is! It’s just not worth a ten-cent counterfactual.

    I guarantee you that in any real world case where only men or women voted, those maps would be a closer balance of red and blue. What’s useful (barely) is the state-level breakdown, but even then, they’re not telling us anything about the real election that we didn’t already know.

    On a meta level, I think your point, that American men have a lot of work to do, is broadly correct but also kind of obvious; the thing is, your median internet misogynist also thinks that, he just disagrees on what kind of work and the eventual goal.