Day 17: Do you buy your legal-sized paper by the ream or by the case? Do you ever try to reuse your playbooks or just start fresh every time?

Kind of a filler question; hope you’re having an awesome weekend so far!

I didn’t love legal paper until Apocalypse World came out and then I learned to loooove legal paper. Just a smidge more information and you can print it yourself, yay. My Game Chef finalist entry from last year is a legal-sized thing.

I think it was Rob Brennan who pointed out that the indiegame legal paper fetishism is total bullshit if you’re not American, because they just don’t have an equivalent paper size? I guess? I thought they had something called A5? B5 maybe? I guess it’s not easy to get and isn’t really the same size, so you still end up printing your PDFs in some squished way. Anyway, I guess it’s a thing?

Heard that Apocalypse World 2E dropped the legal-sized playbooks, so just watch the rest of the #pbtamonoculture follow suit. I think if Vincent Baker had declared for 11×17″, we’d see an uptick in oversized printer sales and Kinko’s jobs. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.