“What’s the most you’ve spent on a Kickstarter game relative to the amount of play it received?”

The winner, by a mile, is the RuneQuest: Classic Edition Kickstarter. I spent a huge amount of money on it to get at some (only some!) of the collector items, and it’s very likely that I will never actually play it.

Granted, virtually none of the projects I’ve backed have seen play. Some quick math says I’ve brought 10% of my backed game projects to the table, and of those maybe one of them saw a decent amount of repeated play (Tenra Bansho Zero).

The related topic folks seem to be including is: Has my Kickstarter habit ebbed or flowed as time wears on? I feel like I back fewer projects these days, but when I do back something, I tend to go all-in. Which I suppose is maybe good, as it means I am genuinely interested in what I back and not just impulse-buying. Though I guess it also means that the average amount of money I waste on games has stayed level.

And saying “waste” is only somewhat humorous. I’ve been feeling extremely guilty about the number of games I have sitting idly on shelves in my basement. I could blame having a kid as the reason I rarely get to play, but honestly my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach when it comes to games. Frankly, I have a problem and I really need to work on this.

The INDIEGAMEaDAY2016 list: https://plus.google.com/+PaulBeakley/posts/SCyvyFEEbsv

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  1. One whole category that I didn’t get into in my own post, on purpose, was the subject of backing things just because you want them to exist. I get that but it’s aspirational in a way that I’ve only done once maybe? Money is just too tight here, I have to get something out of my spends.

  2. Dain Lybarger What’s funny is that TBZ stared out as a “want it to exist”, because I’d seen Andy work on the thing for years and years. But then I got the game, read it, and despite not being an anime guy was totally hooked.