“When did you last spend more time setting up a situation and talking about the situation after than actually playing in that situation?”

I think I’m lucky in that this would mostly happen when I played D&D 3.5 and we’d plan, plan, plan until the DM would yell at us that someone had to do something already or else DICE START ROLLING.

I do also recall a game of The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game where one player — who was one of the most obtuse people I’ve ever met — spent all of this time trying to describe how he wanted to approach this one task. For the life of me, I could not parse what it was he was getting at. “I want to do The Thing, but not do The Thing, and from a perspective of The Thing, but also this other Not-Thing perspective, and also while being gluten-free, and…” Nothing I did to get him to clearly state what he was after would work, and eventually he just gave up and we winged it.

But, in the “pure” indie space, no examples stand out. I’m a lucky dog!