“What’s your favorite perverse behavioral incentive?”

Seeing as it’s Labor Day weekend Sunday, I am punting on this. Also because I’m not sure I know what it means.

The only perverse incentive I can think of at the moment is the time I played GURPS 4e at GenCon, and the GM was tossing out peppermint candies as “bennies” to whomever he though did something cool or made him laugh. Which, since it was a table of eight seemingly immature dudes who did not seem to give a shit, turned into people just being as funny as possible in order to get tossed candy.

Added to the preexisting misogyny, and this was one of the few games I’ve ever gotten up and left before it was over.

2 thoughts on “#INDIEGAMEaDAY2016

  1. Lacuna and 3:16 both share this system where you advance your way into greater authority, at which point you are forced to work at cross odds with everyone underneath you.

    I have to admit, I like Lacuna’s version a bit more – the more you use your additional capabilities to help the team, the sooner you get exited from play, so you are caught in a nasty position of having to decide whether THIS particular instance is time to push your abilities or hold off…. Which also means the team is looking at you like “Why aren’t you doing more?” which causes more Static which causes more problems…