“When were you last deprotagonized? What happened and how did you reassert your agency?”

Back in ’14 I played in a fairly disastrous game of Fate Accelerated — I wrote about it back then, but not about this particular issue. It was an OSR-style game recast in the FAE mold.

I decided to play a “magic-user”, and I had really wanted a pseudodragon familiar. However, I also came up with an aspect about being in debt to Asmodeus, so the GM decided that it would make more sense that I have an imp familiar.

“Yeah, you should have an imp!”
“Well, I don’t really want…”
“An imp! And his name is [blah], and he’s constantly disobeying you.”
“Uh, okay.”

I wasn’t sure why we needed to go that route, since FAE can be whatever you want, so who cares what would have happened under AD&D 1e or whatever, but I guess it was not my call.

The rest of the game was pretty much on rails, and so I don’t know what was gained by using FAE.

I did not reassert my agency at any point; the end result was simply that it was the first and last session with that group. I regret this only because it was otherwise a good group of people, but I think the GM was going through some stuff that was coloring the game, and so it was best to just leave it be.

Ref: https://plus.google.com/+PaulBeakley/posts/SCyvyFEEbsv

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