“Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice?”

I had a lightbulb moment many years ago at Forge Midwest when, after a pretty rough game of Mouse Guard in which I simply did not GM it well, Robert Bohl said to me offhandedly, in response to my befuddlement, that “You just need to challenge their beliefs.”

This is pretty much BWHQ GM’ing 101, but for some reason my brain hadn’t processed it. I mean, I’d literally read that exact sentiment in the books, but for some reason when running the game I was still in a “D&D” mindset. I was not letting that fundamental principle guide my decisions as GM.

So, thanks Rob!

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  1. Was I in both of those games? I remember playing with Ron, but maybe the young dudes too? There was a bakery. We didn’t save the world. I chided the disappointed villagers at the end. I don’t remember that game going badly.