16 thoughts on “I came across this in a iOS accessories article, but it seems like it’s rife with RPG supply organization potential.

  1. I use a small Grid It for holding all my phone and ipad chargers in my Convention Bag. I have a larger, laptop sized one to organize things in my bike messenger bag.

    These things are amazing. They come in a bunch of sizes, and could easily be used to help keep your RPG gear locked down in your bag.

  2. Mark Delsing I don’t. I use the larger one for cords and other small items that would just fall into my bag.

    But I could tell you what I would likely do with one for my RPG stuff. For sure I could secure dice pouches or tubes in it, markers, index cards, a noteboard, etc. The grid is not going work for small individual things like dice, those need to be in containers. But it is good for medium sized things like decks of cards, etc.

  3. I have several of these. The ones for your car visor are fantastic! But I love them all. I usually have two or three going in a messenger bag when I travel, one for electronics (cords & chargers, cables, power supply, tablet) and one for analog (notebooks, pens, ink cartridges, rubber bands etc) and depending on what I’m doing, a third holds my first aid gear XD