Folks! Less than $4,000 to go until the massive Indie RPG Designer stretch goal on the Prince Valiant kickstart.

Look at the list of talent you get at that level!

• Meguey Baker  (Psi*Run)
• Emily Care Boss (Shooting the Moon)
• Julia Ellingboe (Steal Away Jordan)
• Bret Gillan (The Final Girl)
• Jerry Grayson (HELLAS)
• Sage LaTorra (Dungeon World)
• Dev Purkayastha (The Dance and the Dawn)
• Epidiah Ravachol (Dread, Worlds Without Master)
• Laura Simpson (Companions’ Tale)

You’re going to want Prince Valiant on it’s own merits, yeah, but that’s eight indie game writing geniuses (and an Eppy) for the price of one!

Make us do this work!