“Most challenging but rewarding system you have learned?”

Burning Wheel, natch.

IMO, there is no RPG as tightly designed as BW, no RPG that demands as much of its players, and no RPG that better rewards that hard-won mastery.

BW is hard. Learning BW is like learning to play an instrument; there is a lot of woodshedding and trial-by-fire involved before you’re making beautiful music. But once you’ve got some sills, and you sit down to jam with some other skilled players, it’s like nothing else.


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  1. I know Burning Wheel isn’t for everyone, but when someone answers this question with some other game, a little voice in my head says “Guess they haven’t played BW yet…”

  2. Ed McW IMHO Ars Magica has a similar practice-to-reward ratio, just in completely different parts. The big difference is that Ars Magica is simple on the surface and the challenges are more part of the deeper bits and secondary systems. You could play without using those systems. But it’s amazing if you do use most of them.

    While technically you can play Burning Wheel with just the hub, I find it far more rewarding with at least most of the spokes. And getting to the point of using all the spokes takes a lot of work. But damn is it awesome when you get there.