#rpgaday2016 “What gamer most affected the way you play?”

My cop-out answer is that I can’t think of any one gamer that has affected the way I approach playing RPGs. I can think of a few people who served as examples of both what to do and what not to do, and there are a host of people that I have played with at Forge Midwest, BurningCon, Chicago Gameyda, and Chicago Longcon that completely challenged my ideas of how to run and play games.

That said, Shari Corey played in a Monster of the Week game I ran at Chicago Gameday 42 and gave me one of the most useful and brutally honest de-briefs I’ve ever had. With the help of Willow Palecek, she helped me realize that my whole approach to MotW — and probably PbtA games as a whole — was totally wrong. I’ve had some come-to-Jeebus moments like these before — like one time when Robert Bohl succinctly identified how I totally biffed a session of Mouse Guard and got me thinking hard about BWHQ games — but this was more in-depth and filled with meaty discussion.

So, in the near term, my hat’s off to Shari. Thank you for helping me be a better gamer!

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  1. Timothy Stanbrough I forgot the whole conversation thing. I conflated the fact that PbtA games are essentially pretty trad, just with codified procedures, with some bad old trad GM’ing habits. This was maybe compounded by MotW being a lot more trad than some other PbtA games from the GM side of things. I was not listening enough and I was not asking enough questions.