#rpgaday2016 “Largest in-game surprise you have experienced?”

When I was fourteen or so, I was running Call of Cthulhu for the first time, using a TOME adventure. Part of the scenario were a bunch of missing girls in a small town. At one point, the PCs find a pile of bodies in a mine, and I have them roll Sanity checks. Since part of the Sanity mechanic is gaining insight along with the SAN damage, I tell them: “You realize that these are the bodies of the missing girls.”

Both my players then get wide-eyed and tell me, “No shit it’s the girls!” They then start running around the room yelling, “The sky is blue! THE SKY IS BLUE!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!”

It would be another twenty years before I ran Call of Cthulhu again.

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