10 thoughts on “A woman posts about what she had to put up with at GenCon, among other venues. Infuriating and important.

  1. Terrible…

    The best compliment I’ve ever had after GMing a game: “Initially, I was nervous to play, but I thought the game environment was really safe.” I wasn’t expecting that at all…

    How shitty must other game tables make people feel sometimes? Quite, it seems.

  2. I’ve encountered very similar experiences as Mickey.

    Instead of Magic, it was a Star Fleet Battles tournament at GenCon. The guy I beat was upset because I was a “casual player” and argued with HQ to overturn his loss to me. I find it a deeper problem regarding the “beat by a girl” phenomenon and have raised my two boys not to underestimate a person for their gender, race, etc.

    I’ve been ignored at tables because the other players knew the GM.

    I find much of the hobby to be very exclusionary (with notable exceptions like Chicago Gameday). There seems to be a MY HOBBY outlook among a large contingent, IME. Like the superfan of an obscure band who gets angry when others actually start listening.

    I share these not to downplay the gender aspect of Mickey’s post, but to let others know that they’re not alone in encountering these people. I hope everyone can find communities like the ones I’ve found who welcome everyone openly regardless of any differences in background.