RPGaDAY 2016: “Best game session since August 2015?”

I have not been doing a lot of actual gaming this past year. Out of that small sample, I’ll point to the ongoing D&D 5e campaign that MadJay Brown has been running for my now-infrequent-Sunday group. The session linked here was a particular stand-out, but honestly every session has been really fun. It’s a good group of people, and I am really enjoying 5e on the whole.

A runner-up would be the session of The Warren I played at Chicago Gameday 43. A fantastic game run exceptionally by Joe Beason. Linky: https://plus.google.com/+MarkDelsing/posts/NpRbbVQrDbT

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6 thoughts on “RPGaDAY 2016: “Best game session since August 2015?”

  1. Ha! I remember that salamander scene! I was sorting out the fight dice i
    was gonna need for the creature when y’all pulled out the parley!!
    We then dropped into initiative rounds – which added tension IMO, then
    stepped through the actions. Nice team work!
    That was awesome!