I am totally down for this. And, being weird, Im not super-nuts that it’s a box set, but still, pretty cool.

Also interesting to see SJG go down the “contained versions of our house universal system” road that Hero Games has also traveled. At least, I am aware of this and the upcoming new edition of their standalone Discworld RPG.

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I’ve watched all of season one, and I can say that while this is terrible RPG’ing, it is fantastic TV. DM Crittenden’s railroaded storyline provides a great framework for the players’ improv; you get a tight episode each time, but with fun color commentary.

Stand out episodes for me were: Paul F. Tompkins (1), Aubrey Plaza (5), John Hodgman (6), and Matt Gourley and Nathan Fillion (10). Hodgman is just on fire, and Plaza just gives zero fucks about trying to understand the game, which means she kicks imaginative ass the whole time.

But the gaming, yeah, it’s awful. I’m not quite sure why Pathfinder wanted the product placement, though the cynic in me thinks the pairing is perfect (sorry). It’s sad to think that this kind of play (on display in all the “big name” RPG series I’ve seen, at least) is being presented as “What D&D is like”.

Also, the Clueless Nerd™ in me wonders how this kind of show would play out with a game like Dungeon World. Could they produce as compelling a show without the predetermined plot and lack of agency? Probably not, but I still wonder.



“Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice?”

I had a lightbulb moment many years ago at Forge Midwest when, after a pretty rough game of Mouse Guard in which I simply did not GM it well, Robert Bohl said to me offhandedly, in response to my befuddlement, that “You just need to challenge their beliefs.”

This is pretty much BWHQ GM’ing 101, but for some reason my brain hadn’t processed it. I mean, I’d literally read that exact sentiment in the books, but for some reason when running the game I was still in a “D&D” mindset. I was not letting that fundamental principle guide my decisions as GM.

So, thanks Rob!

“Describe the ideal game room, if budget were unlimited.”

I will build a… round table where this fellowship shall meet. And a hall about the table. And a castle about the hall!

The room should have a good, solid table (square, not round) surrounded by Herman Miller or Steelcase chairs, walls lined with bookshelves, maybe a mini bar and lounge area, and big windows with a Southern exposure that look out on rolling moors and maybe some mountains in the distance.

Mostly, though, it needs people. Good people for whom I will — since my budget is unlimited — set up so they are independently wealthy and thus have lots of time to game with me. That, or at least set up stipends so they can come visit me on “gaming sabbaticals”.

Aren’t MPAA movie ratings (e.g., “R,” “PG-13”), TV Parental Guidelines, and music Parental Advisory stickers basically trigger warnings? Are there any conservative organizations advocating for their removal so that we can ensure young minds don’t “retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own”?

Anyone? Bueller?

“Thing you’d be most surprised a friend had not seen or read?”

Honestly, almost nothing surprises me anymore, and I now try to at least not act surprised about anyone’s lack of exposure to any given property, as I’m aware doing so smacks of “geek cred” judgement (which is a shitty thing, to be sure).

But sure, within the scope of this hobby, meeting someone who’s never had any experience with some version of D&D would seem unusual, since that’s usually the default entry vector.

And I will admit that I find it weird sometimes to meet someone in the hobby of a certain age who’s never heard of The Forge. I mean, the sheer amount of complaining about it in mainstream RPG fora would make me think that most folks my age would have at least heard the term.

“Most unusual circumstance or location in which you’ve gamed.”

The most unusual location I can think of is the school bus to and from middle school when we played through one of the Slavers modules — which is probably not that unusual, as I bet lots of kids played school buses, especially back in D&D’s heyday.

As for a circumstance, I can’t think of any that were unusual. Every time I’ve played it’s because we got together in order to play.

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